iphone 5 vs samsung note 2

Today, I switched over from using the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Note 2 as my primary phone. What a crazy moment for me! I had bought it a few weeks go, but was getting used to the Note 2 before switching, since my phone is so important to my daily work. My thoughts so far: - I do love Swype typing, and I LOVE having a stylus.

I like functionality such as "writing" on the back of a picture, in-phone tagging photos, and how seamless the google and dropbox sync is.

- I don't like how non-intuitive it is. I know Android lovers don't believe me, but I TEACH iOS (Mac) for a living, and I know this isn't going to be easy to teach.

I also didn't like the syncing process to my MacBookPro - it's not a pretty, or fast experience if you use the Samsung Kies software.

I will be updating more and more about what I like/don't like about this phone, but I'll answer now the biggest question everyone has been asking me -



My response: The Samsung Note 2 is a "better" phone - more features, more functions, more customisation. BUT nothing beats the iPhone 5 for ease of learning, use, and seamless sync. So if you're tech savvy and into spending time on your gadgets, the Note 2 is great! But if you're looking for a phone as a senior, or a time poor person who just wants it to work out of the box, get an iPhone, every time.


via Sharon Pakir http://www.facebook.com/pages/p/190223744342660