the wedding programs

Our wedding programs were designed by myself, edited by the wonderful Elysia who made sure my lack of design skills didn't show, and then sewn up by my wonderful friends, Alison and Gabriel. I printed them on my home printer (a Fuji-Xerox laser printer that I love), on Stardream Quartz paper which has a delicate sheen on it that makes me want to kiss it.


I was pretty pleased at how beautiful they turned out - considering they were a DIY job from start to finish. They were a quarter of a page, and several men (who I am guessing do not normally care about wedding programs) commented on how they were the perfect size to fit in their jacket pocket, so SUPER win.

I'll post more pictures of how they look soon, and their contents, and if I'm feeling ultra nice ill upload the Pages document so other brides could use it too!

For now, a shot of the highly cluttered wedding madness workspace that was our living room table the fortnight before the wedding (yes, I made the place cards at the same time, the same way!)