honeymoon land!

Well hello hello after the epic festival of weddings! Yes, S and I have finally finished getting married multiple times in multiples manners and countries, and we are firmly in honeymoon land. The beginning of our honeymoon was fraught with difficulty - hurricanes in NYC (our first destination) followed by a storm that cut short our time there by two thirds, an unplanned visit to Miami and Atlanta, then finally, the Galápagos Islands where we have been on a cruise all week.

The Galapagos cruise has been the REAL start of our honeymoon, we've decided - all that daily airline/travel agent/weather madness was just stressful and our time in NYC was too short to be called a holiday. (I did still manage to do a pretty good job of shopping like a crazy lady in that time though!)

Just about from the moment we boarded the cruise, our senses were just drenched in the magnificent wonders of nature that defines the Galapagos.


On our first hike, we were surrounded by blue footed boobies (birds!), sea lions frolicking, iguanas lolling about in the fading afternoon sun, and more, all not more than 4 feet away from us. Just unbelievable, and so awe inspiring for the city girl in me.

This baby sea lion made my heart melt.


We were also treated to a sighting of a mother sea lion, still bloody from her birth, new-born pup learning how to suckle as the mother fought off a roving bird which wanted its placenta. Watching that just filled us with wonder.


ALL THIS ON THE FIRST DAY. Nay, THE FIRST 3 hours on board the ship.

My head exploded.

We have been deep water snorkeling - hugely exhilarating and very scary for me (I have a very deep phobia of the sea). We have seen INCREDIBLE things in the water - sharks, sea lions playing, huge shoals of fish, sting rays, penguins, giant sea turtles swimming gracefully - it was almost like we were scuba diving.



Hikes everyday in these strange, desolate, volcano based lands where we have experienced quite possibly, the most unfettered-by-human-presence animals to have ever lived.


Today is our last day in the Galapagos - one more hike to go before our next South American adventure. I'll be uploading more photos on my Facebook Page so check it out there!