hello from singapore!

Well I've just landed in Singapore and am waiting for the family to wake up and greet me (it's only 6.45am here). Actually, I lie, I have already woken my dad up and made him mumble groggily to me that I'm his favorite child before I would give him a cuddle. What can I say, if my siblings snooze, then they lose out on the "favorite child" declarations!

Some observations from my trip so far:

- I'm never traveling without a giant suit bag containing my wedding dress again! It makes everyone at the airport and on the airline super nice to you!

- Singapore Airlines, I know I keep writing about how awesome you are, but thank you again for a great flight experience. From the good food with actual vegetables that were fresh and wholesome tasting to the fab service, for hanging my wedding dress up so readily and treating it with care, for how attentive your flight attendants are and for the smooth landing. Ahhhh.

- Australian Immigration - I have been a permanent resident of this wonderful country for over 5 years now, and you still can't get my visa linked to my passport properly. That I have had to carry around 2 and now 3 passports every time I travel is bad enough, so that the officers can do a manual sighting of my original visa. Now that I thought they were finally linked properly and don't carry all the passports around, I always get the "super suspicious" button pressed upon immigration check and have to answer lots of random questions, which is even worse. Lastly, even though I don't look like it, I speak English just fine, and your officers don't have to talk extra loud and slow at me.


That's it folks, hopefully I will spend the week checking in and writing lots, but it's more likely that I will be running around like a crazy lady! What's that you say? How is that different to normal?


You may have a point.