a sparkly wedding

You all already know about my penchant for anything gold. And in wedding planning madness, that passion of mine has become even more evident. S has little knowledge of this, but I'm sneaking gold into almost every aspect of this gala. And with more to come. Then there's the fact that everyone loves a bit of sparkle, and the dancer in me ADORES a LOT of sparkle. Uh-oh.

Yup, just about everything in our wedding is going to be gold and sparkly. In fact S is lucky I didn't ask Sonia of Costumes by Starstruck to bling the lapels of his tux in some swarovskis. Can you imagine his face if I even proposed this?

To this end, I've been collecting lots of bits and pieces of inspiration on my Pinterest wedding board. Here are my latest favourites, and all sources can be found here. Enjoy!

sparkly wedding inspiration - www.sharonpakir.com