the moon of the mead

Happiness -; This weekend has seen a whirlwind of productivity - not just working long hours but also getting a lot accomplished. In particular, S and I have pretty much booked all our hotels for our honeymoon, and also finalised a whole lot of wedding stuff that really needed some attention. On this late Sunday night, I feel like I can breathe a lot easier now.

Instead of being somewhat apprehensive about the giant event and travel planning ahead, I'm actually starting to get excited. Before this weekend, I wasn't even giving a single thought to our travel ahead, choosing instead to bury my head in the intricacies of the work I'm doing now, and the wedding planning madness.

Now that it's all booked though, the happy anticipation has started. I know that after we are married, the feeling of being on that super long plane ride to some of our favourite cities in the world next to my new husband (and annoying him by laying on his shoulder for 20 hours straight) will be priceless. That first day when we land, despite the winter cold, will be absolutely magical. Our shared love for travel and new experiences will guarantee a sparkling, giddy joy that jet lag simply can't quash.

That, indeed, will be simple and wonderful happiness.