my news of late

So I've been sooooo quiet on all communications fronts - the last 3 weeks have seen me working 7 days a week, with 4 out of those 7 being 16 hour work days. Craziness. Yes, yes, I do it to myself, but man oh man, do I regret it when I'm in the zone of it all and counting down my days to a good night's sleep. Last night I finally had a 10 hour sleep, and whilst still not fully recovered from the cruel exhaustion that the last month was, am feeling somewhat better.

So, my news in a nutshell, or rather, several higgledy piggledy paragraphs that are completely unrelated to one another and veer randomly from topic to topic:

The 2 litres of water a day effort is going well. I have a 600ml water bottle, fill it up with warm to hot water (so much more tasty), and make sure I've drunk a bottle full by each major meal, then by bed.

Wedding planning has been absolute insanity! I could never have prepared myself mentally for the onslaught of the terrorising nature of the to-do lists and decisions to be made. I know I will LOVE marrying S, and am lucky enough to be having several amazing wedding events, but the planning? Meh. I will never do this again (literally! ha!)...

Facebook has locked me out of my account, citing malware on my computer. I'm in the process of doing a scan, but in the meantime, I'll be pretty quiet on the social media front!

Choreographing 12 routines all at once has left me so incredibly brain-addled, but super inspired and leaving the studio always at once tired but filled with joy. I am so lucky to do what I love, and especially after all that has happened with my injury, so incredulous that I'm here, doing it all, still. Ahhhhh.

I have barely *looked* out at the garden during the winter months, and today (the first spring-ish day) when I stepped out, I was in horror. The weeds have actually overtaken the garden. Someone please tell me there is an easy way to fix this!

On Friday, for the first time in my life, I served up pizza at a dinner party. Not gourmet, home cooked pizza, but pizza that I ordered over the phone from our local and S picked up. I was simply too bleary eyed to even knock something simple together, and this way was able to squeeze in a short nap between work and when people started arriving all chirpy and happy to see us. To my amazement, it worked, was a wonderful night, and no one seemed to care about coming all that way just to eat pizza! Yay!

To end, to anyone who has seen me deliriously tired, tongue-twisted, slightly droopy eyed or simply crazed on adrenaline when trying to find my last vestiges of energy for the day over the last few weeks, I present you with this: