pinterest soap scum tip - does it work?

So. Does anyone else hate soap scum marks on the shower screen glass as much as I do?

I HATE IT. I hate that when people come over, they think I'm some slob who never scrubs the shower screen.

This is mostly, of course, because I am a slob who very rarely scrubs the shower screen.

I actually don't mind most aspects of cleaning the bathroom, but scrubbing the shower is something I just hate doing. And then, boy, don't you know it, the soap scum marks just build and build and build.

A while ago, I saw this trick on Pinterest being highly popular:

The instructions?

Basically, combine equal parts vinegar and BLUE Dawn branded dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle. Spray on your soap scummed shower screen. Let sit for a while. Wipe off. NO SCRUBBING.

And apparently it works MAGICALLY.

I googled around and found that everyone who had tried it was RAVING about it, but everyone had stayed true to the BLUE Dawn dishwashing liquid.

In Australia, I don't think Dawn is available (actually I've never really looked, I'm not a cleaning product aisle pundit), but it didn't seem familier. And all I had at home was this:

So it would have to do!


1. Heat 1 cup white vinegar in microwave (I did 40 seconds)

2. Combine with 1 cub dishwashing detergent

3. Stir gently to combine

4. Pour into spray bottle (I used an old Ajax Spray and Wipe bottle)

5. Spray onto shower screen

6. Walk away and pray it works

7. 5 minutes later, wipe down with a wet rag (I used a microfibre cloth)

After that, I sprayed the screen with some water from the shower.

And *drumroll*... THE VERDICT?

IT ACTUALLY WORKED! Some bits where the soap scum was especially thick and cruddy needed a 2nd spray and wipe, but man oh man, where has this trick been ALL MY LIFE?! I even dried the glass immediately with paper towels, and oh MY, the difference is insane.


Just sparkling clean glass just like in a hotel.

For those of you that are wondering JUST how bad the glass was in my bathroom... well S and I ACTUALLY use soap, so... it wasn't good. Let's just say it was bad enough that I refused to take a BEFORE shot. :)

Go try it! BEST TIP EVE! Thanks, Pinterest, it's nice to know this vinegar+dishwashing detergent trick works without DAWN!