can a grown man fit into a baby swim float?

So. Tonight S for some inexplicable reason decided to test the limits of physics. OH YES HE DID.

I came home and saw this on the kitchen counter.

infant swim seat float

Yup. Apparently as a prop he's going to use for some work games thing. (Yes, those are flippers in the background of the shot. No, I don't want to know what this work game involves.)

So S holds this box up, like something brilliant is brewing in his mind, smiles coyly at me and says, "Wanna see me get into it?"




THIS is a man who weighed almost 11 pounds (almost 5 kilos!) at birth.

Our nickname for him at the dance school is Mr Incredible because he hasn't exactly changed in stature from birth till now. He's still larger than life, musclier than most, and well, simply put, HE'S NOT A SMALL MAN.

Plus he bought the smallest POSSIBLE swim float. For 6-12 month old infants. Maximum weight = 11kg (not that he was planning to use it as an actual floating device or anything so PHEW).

And so I watch. With a mix of trepidation and fascination.

And he cuts it up.

And blows it into its intended shape.

Disappears behind the kitchen door to don it.

Don't worry, this is Safe For Work.

No nudity on THIS site, EVER.


Ladies and gentlemen, apparently, I am marrying a genius. Or a madman.

I present to you, for the supreme cause of THE GIGGLES:

The thing I love about S? He NEVER stops at a costume opportunity. And will travel the distance to make it entertaining. What's the most unlikely item of costume you've used for a prop?