the facebook madness

It has finally happened! After months of uhh-ming and ahh-ing about it, lots of friends telling me to just bite the bullet and DO it, I have set up a Facebook page for A Life Worth Living. It's funny that it's taken me this long - I TEACH this stuff for goodness sakes, but I've always held back because I never MEANT to become a public figure. Not in dancing (that's been a happy accident), not through my blog (was meant to be a way to keep in touch with friends) and not through all the various other social media things I'm active on.

And let me just clarify that I am well aware that I am NOT an actual public figure. It's just that my streams of work happen to take me to many countries and meeting a hugely diverse range of people. Famous, this does NOT make me.

And yet, it's happened. I woke up this morning still sick with the flu (this one has knocked me around badly!), with another day off from work (sigh), and realised I had:

  • 300 pending facebook friend requests on my personal profile - that I haven't accepted because I don't know them personally, or don't remember meeting them (workshops with over 100 people? I definitely don't remember everyone hard as I try)
  • random (and WONDERFUL) comments on my blog from people I don't know, and despite my TINY readership, have come from around the world (and I do love this, so please keep reading and keep commenting)
  • very random people messaging me from the youtube channel about my dancing and wanting to be my facebook friends

I DO want to keep this wonderful community I have, but cannot keep my Facebook personal profile candid if I add strangers. I ALSO do want a handy spot to amalgamate all my 3 lifestreams - my dance school and the work I do as a professional dancer, my training business and the work I do to help people achieve more out of life, and my personal blog that you're on right now.

So here it goes, if you do want to keep in touch with what's a-happening (particularly since I'm not such a TIMELY blogger) - just join the revolution that is the Facebooks. Click below! I've even already added some photos, links and more for you to peruse!


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