wedding wistlist

Finally, all the major things for the weddings have been confirmed - the last 4 months have felt like a haze of craziness - and now I can finally start thinking about the aesthetic details of how I want the events to pan out! I'm not one of those girls who has always "known" what I wanted my wedding to look like. There are aspects I've known of since a was a wistful dreamy eyed youngster - but mostly, this has been a huge learning process of what I want, what I actually LIKE (and not because it's wedding "norms"), and how to plan it all successfully.

Today I'm home nursing a god-awful flu that started on the weekend with raging body aches, sleeplessness, and yesterday developed rapidly into its full blown glory, and whilst sitting on the couch in my fluffy robe and slippers, I thought it may be nice to share some wedding inspirations I've been collecting on my Pinterest feed!

sparkly wedding shoes

It's no secret that I have a little bit of a shoe obsession - in fact my budget for my wedding shoes exceeded the budget for the wedding dress (dress = wear once; shoes = wear forever!)... I'm looking forward to seeing how Costumes by Starstruck blings up my shoes of choice for me!

ring pillows

Yes, I love my sparkle, and I am soooooo lucky that my auntie has volunteered to make a blingy ring pillow for me with the above as inspiration. Cannot wait to see it!

random gold elements - wedding

Yup, I love gold - S has banned me from bringing anymore brass/gold animals and ornaments into the house (so I've started spray painting existing ones instead HA!) - and our wedding is proving no different. I don't know yet how much gold stuff I can possibly incorporate but I am sure trying hard.

Hope you enjoyed that - and you can actually keep up with all my Pinterest fun by CLICKING HERE - and seeing the 800 or so other wedding pins I've got. Yes, 800. I am obsessive!