single happy moment

Last week we all met up for the gorgeous Katerina's birthday - her last birthday before she has her baby!! It's probably the last time all of us girls (save for Liz in Sydney) will all be in the same room before Leigh and Kat's little bundle of joy join us, and it was simply wonderful to see everyone and cackle over stories. 20120410-183910.jpg

I wasn't in a hugely chatty mood, being all run down and in a bit of back pain, but it was kind of nice to just sit back and chill with this wonderful group of girlfriends we have who have grown together over the last few years to form a strong and close knit mini community, and all through dance. Hearing their babble around me, smiling across the room at everyone and having a chilled out drink whilst celebrating a very special lady's birthday... Single happy moment indeed.