to do

Well we've been engaged for a total of 6 weeks and I can safely say about 70% of the wedding planning is done. Who, me? Organised? No.

More like, INSANE.

If anyone had told me that organising a wedding was so crazy, I would never have believed it. I guess it's as bad as you make it (and my goal was to have organised it all within 2 months - which I think I'm pretty on track for). We've also made it harder by choosing to have a short engagement, and OH, having 2 weddings in 2 different countries!

And also to be fair, in this same last 6 weeks, we've also gotten engaged (in the Barossa), travelled a bit for 2 different weekend dance events (1 interstate), moved and renovated studios, had a massive dinner party for 20 - all whilst training, teaching, working and sourcing about a million wedding vendors in 2 countries. No wonder I had a meltdown last weekend!

Luckily I'm surrounded by amazing family who have been incredibly helpful and supportive, a group of lovely girlfriends who are armed with advice, shoulders to cry on and immense energy to help me through all of it, and an amazing man who is just so involved and wonderful even when he has NO interest in deciding things like the exact shade of pink on our colour palette.

At this point, now that the peak stress period of planning is over (last week when it was crunch time for 5 different venues across 2 countries, time frames, dates and budgets), I can only sit, focus on the fun stuff now like dresses, decorations and invitations, and chuckle to myself at this apt venn diagram:

 To Do by Wendy MacNaughton

(if you like it, you can buy the print here) 

Seriously though, even though we're sorted for venues, any wedding planning advice, vendors and DIY tips you've got, would be SO HELPFUL!