happy birthday, baby girl

Well, the little one's birthday is just an hour away now, and I thought it would be fun to dredge up some old old old (read: BLACKMAIL MATERIAL) type photos to send her. Just so that as she turns a whole year older, the gravity of some of the very questionable activities we used to get up to as slightly tipsy ladies would shame her, and not just that, the knowledge that I STILL HAVE THESE PHOTOS you know, sober up her day a little. However, I didn't JUST come across treacherously bad photos of mistimed hilarity - I also came across some rather nice and poignant memories of walking the city's laneways in winter with her, exploring and just chatting whilst the day passed, (wasn't university just grand for days like what?!), moments of hilarity reserved only for those who spend enough time with you that EVERYTHING becomes a giggly reference, and also just some nights of debauchery. The photo below is one of the few suitable for the internets, and was before a fun night out.

shan and sham

Look at the both of us, in our early twenties, and ready to conquer the night.

Anways. Happy birthday Baby Girl, and I just wanted to say how FAR you've come from satin clothes. I am glad though that you've retained that sassy hilarious wit and most importantly, I'm super pleased that all this way forward and all grown up, we're still here for each other. FIST BUMP.