the mornington on tanti hotel

A couple of weeks ago, S and I booked in some R&R over a weekend in Mornington to take advantage of the great weather. We stayed at the Mornington on Tanti, which we chose mostly because it was the only decent option available at our last minute travel booking. It turned out to be truly delightful despite its outward appearance of being a sportsbar/bottle shop - the hotel section was gorgeously renovated, very quiet and classy, and really quite the haven you want on a weekend away!

mornington on tanti hotel room

I also liked that it was incredibly central - Mornington town centre was a 3 minute drive away, which made for easy breakfast options and being close to convenience stores and supermarkets.

We got a spa suite - which had a lovely large bathtub (nothing worse than a tiny tub) and an impressively clean and spacious bathroom in general.

mornington on tanti - spa suit bathroom

mornington on tanti bathroom

Overall, there are certainly more romantic wineries and places to stay in Mornington - but S and I were really happy with our accomodation choice because it gave us drives to wineries to chat over, and a quiet, gorgeous room with a lovely comfortable bed to chill out on in the evenings when we retired at 9pm each night. :)

Would we recommend it? Absolutely. You could do a lot worse for that price - and since Mornington can get pricey when you're looking at 4star and above accomodation, we felt that it was great value whilst staying incredibly comfortably.

When we were in that neck of the woods, we squeezed in an amazing amount of activity in just 2 days, as S and I tend to do, whist finding it incredibly relaxing, and I'm looking forward to all the posts I've got lined up about it so I can reflect on some wonderful summer memories instead of dwelling on feeling homesick in this holiday season!