watch anita starve & be thirsty!

  A very good friend of mine has signed up for not one, but THREE October challenges, all in the name of charity. Because the causes she's supporting are so awesome PLUS I'll be giggling through the process of watching her be such a very GOOD girl this month (worth oodles in personal entertainment), I thought I'd try and get some of you on the bandwagon to support her, perhaps make a small donation and even perhaps be inspired to do something like this yourself!

winery bliss

So here goes it, a message from the very lovely Dr Anita Goh:


For the month of October, I’ve signed up for:

1. Ocsober. I have decided to go without alcohol this October to help the charity Life Education raise money for their vital drug and health education programs for Aussie kids.

2. DropTober. I have pledged to lose 2kgs in October to raise money for Kids for Life, who are devoted to raising awareness of sick and under privileged children

3. World Veg week challenge for International Vegetarian Week. This means no meat for a week to celebrate a compassionate choice for a kinder world (this is a bit of a cheat as I've gone without meat for decades now, but still raises awareness!).

Basically, I am making the conscious commitment to drink less (none!), get moving, and eat fresh, healthy, nutritious foods that are kind to the earth and to my body. I urge all of you to also think about committing to positive lifestyle changes, to nourish your body, heart, and soul.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for me to do what I can to raise awareness and funds for much-needed monetary contributions to great organisations that educate our children about the dangers of drugs and the importance of staying healthy, and to support them when sick or underprivileged. Worthy causes indeed!

Why all these pledges?

Personally, I want to be the best Anita I can be. It’s not about the numbers on the scale changing, and I’m not expecting a massive change in body type. For me, it’s about making conscious lifestyle changes in order to get fit and healthy in October and beyond, in order to set me up for life.

I want to be in good shape as I age, with good bone density, strength, flexibility, and stamina, so I can live out dreams such as: having the energy to raise children whilst fulfilling work and relationship goals, fulfilling retirement dreams like climbing up to Machu Picchu with Oren whilst in our twilight years, and being able to chase and whirl my grandchildren around.

anita & oren

October 2011– on my way to a new, happier, healthier lifestyle – doing it for the kids, the animals, to improve health, and oh, you know, save the planet!

If you can, please show your support by making a donation to my Ocsober fundraising page by CLICKING HERE.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible!

Xo Anita