5 happy things

It was an incredibly busy weekend, which left me pretty exhausted, but so filled with happy moments that it was hard to begrudge it or deem it unworthwhile. To start with, Friday night was a gathering of friends to celebrate Lys & Etienne moving in together, and it was nice to catch up with everyone, particularly my girls.

catchup with friends

S also keeps upping the "perfect boyfriend" bar by sending me a little "romance is alive" gift after I had a bit of a melt down about being 30 and frumpy (shh, i know, i know, but let me have my moments!). I saw a quote a friend posted on facebook that was something to the tune of "Women aren't made to be understood, they're made to be loved" and I'm super lucky S gets this down pat every time. Instead of trying to fix my (totally non issue) problems, he just lets me rave and rant and then shows me he adores me anyway. LOVE.

a dozen long stemmed roses

After performing for the first time in months on Saturday night, S and I also spent Sunday in the garden, enjoying the great weather and the fact that we can start working on the house together again now that spring seems to be officially here. I did pretty useless things given my physical limitations, but did manage to pot my gorgeous new azaleas for right by the front door. Aren't they pretty and welcoming?

potted azaleas in bloomAnd as I did this, S, to my utter awe and amazement (see above re "perfect boyfriend") - pulled up ALL the grass and soil in the backyard with a spade, then re-soiled with over 20 bags of soil, and then reseeded it all. It took him over 9 hours of solid work, and he never stopped. And now, we have what is looking like a lush and healthy backyard that will be some very pretty lawn soon (hopefully!).

regrassing the backyard garden

Lastly, we did what we always do for the week ahead - prep our lunches. It's a soothing 1-2 hour activity that we adore doing together. Except this week I also made a bunch of asian boxes for me - rice covered in sambal eggplant tomato and mushrooms, stir fried vegetables and grilled pork belly. Oh, heaven that's gonna last me all week long.

pork belly on rice for packed lunchbox

So yes, it was a good weekend. Did you have a nice one what with the incredible weather? Any particularly good moments? Somehow the sun being out seems to correlate with good things happening, or at least a better mindset to view everything in a better light, don't you think?