singapore feasting

Hello from sunny Singapore! I've been back a scant 36 hours and have eaten what seems like a veritable mountain of food - the food here is always an experience for me, even after living here many years and a multitude of trips back. I figured this time, it would be good to document a little bit of the experience so if you ever visit this wonderful land of culinary delights, you could partake too!

Firstly, my family and I like to frequent what has been our "local" for years - a mamak stall (coffeeshop) called Al-Azhar where we've had literally hundreds of tehs, roti pratas and mi gorengs over the years.

milo and horlicks


I also had lunch at one of the Din Tai Fung restaurants - renown for their dumplings and xiao long bao. Besides their xiao long bao, we had:

hot and sour soup

wonton with black vinegar and chilli oil - din tai fung singapore

minced pork & mushroom noodles - din tai fung singapore


For dinner, I ate at another local eatery near my house - Eat (Rail Mall). They are apparently known for their fish ball noodles, and they didn't disappoint! They're called fish ball mee pok (or kolo mee). They're delicious.

fish ball mee pok at Eat, Rail Mall, Singapore

But what stood out for me was their laksa tau pok. Essentially, this is the rich, coconutty, spicy thick broth we already know well, with pieces of fried tofu in it that just SOAKS up the laksa goodness and provides a means of transport into your mouth. Once imbibed, it all explodes on your tongue like a veritable symphony of taste sensations. Humble looking, but OH, so indescribably good.

laksa tau pok at eat, rail mall, singapore


Yes, i really did eat ALL OF THE ABOVE in one day. And I haven't even displayed here photos of the copious amounts of durian and fresh lychees I've been scoffing down, plus the roti prata breakfasts and curry puff snacks. AY, i may very well return to melbourne a giant rolypoly, but I don't even care.

Being home is NAICE.