flying the singapore girl way

Today I flew on yet another Singapore Airlines flight. I really really really dislike travelling any other airline. Not because I'm a snob, but because I genuinely believe that the experience of an SQ flight is truly unbeatable. I've travelled a lot in my time, and sat on MANY different airlines - from complete budget to very very plush, and Singapore Airlines wins my vote every time.

SIA_singapore airlines<<image from theΒ Singapore AirlinesΒ website- hope they don't mind me using it given I'm talking them UP!) Β Β 


In Australia, Qantas and Emirates tickets are often priced in the same league as Singapore Airlines - but I still wouldn't consider them so and am never able to bring myself to pay the same amount for them. In fact, I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say that SQ has my loyalty for life.

A lot of thought goes into the customer experience at Singapore Airlines, just their seat design alone is exceedingly well executed. Headrests that easily change heights and provide head leaning pads, tables that have a pocket mirror built in and a pen lip so errant stationery doesn't go sliding about. Sturdy headrests Β and a separate cupholder (so you don't have to open the entire desk to just have a glass of juice). Roomy seat pouches for yourΒ accoutrements and REAL pillows and blankets. 10.6 inch screens with incredible entertainment options, and an in-seat charging station for your electronics!

Then there's the ever-so-attentive, never grumpy crew who always make you feel ultra pampered and satisfied. The great boarding system that ensures no chaos. The hot towels to freshen up with at the beginning and end of your flight (so simple, and so wonderful). Β The beer/champagne/fruit juice upon takeoff and just before landing. It is so EASY to please your travellers with these simple, offered thoughtfulness, and Singapore Air does it well.

The food is also pretty damn good - crisp salads, fresh fruit, real meat and a bar selection that would make any drinker blush. The restrooms are cleaned down by staff every hour or 2 so they never get icky.Β It's just all a huge joy, travelling with them and in the last year, I've had especial cause to know - the back injury has had me leaving certain flights in a wheelchair, and the service has just been second to none.

And, they have phone customer service that is so personal it puts all other travel companies to shame. A couple of times I've had issues (bag got broken in transit etc) - and they got fixed and resolved straight away with very little hassle and paperwork.

And here's the thing - I'm NOT a priority passenger, or a frequent business/1st class flyer with them at all. This is their stock standard great service that ensures that their travellers fly the friendly skies whilst feeling pampered. AND in the last 15 years, their little add-ons keep improving, which shows they are constantly analysing and upgrading their wares.

Yup, I'm a fan. A big one. And will always be. I don't even care that the concept of the "Singapore Girl" is faintly sexist. Whatevs. They're awesome.