broken glass

So last night, my car got broken into whilst I was teaching. It was pretty awful, walking back to my car after a nice rehearsal, parked not 4 cars away from my studio entrance, to see shattered glass everywhere, and my car turned upside down by what looked like a ransack of epic proportions.


Glass is EVERYWHERE inside the car, and after a night of teaching, all I want to do is do the quick drive home and rest my back with a cuppa tea. Plus, at the time, I thought that they had taken a couple of things that are integral to my general everyday safety as well. Just awful.

I had to drive (laying a cushion on all the broken glass on my seat) to the police station, file a report, do the insurance thing, all which with waiting times, took way too long for my broken soul's liking.

Coming up, this'll be 1 major injury, 2 robberies, 1 nearly epic car accident, and being unable to work (due to the injury) all in the last 12 months. It has been a testing time, and today all I want to do is stay home, cocoon myself, and be quiet as a door mouse hoping that life won't find me here as well.

As always, I'll try and remember the moments of gratitude in the midst of it all:

  • that I have an amazing man to drive home to in these moments who then looks after me magnificently, stroking my hair, covering up the car window with plastic and duct tape, helping me with the insurance claim, and making me comfort food and a hot drink.
  • that it could always be worse - I am safe and sound, and nothing major got taken (this time at least).
  • that I live in a city with 24 hr assistance, glaziers that will come to my house and fix the car, and good insurance companies.
  • that I have the support and love of wonderful friends who talk me down from these somber moments and make me laugh.
  • that Pete and Sonia, my heroes, found the items that I thought were missing from the car, on the footpath. Thank goodness.
  • that I have the luxury of having a mental health day today and just focus on these good things.

And most of all.


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