single happy moment: villas & sunshine

In 2010, over Easter, myself and my fabulous dance team took a little trip to Bali for the Indonesia Salsa Festival. I was teaching, and my team was performing. We decided to land a few days before the festival to soak up some sun, and rented a gorgeous villa in Seminyak. The week seemed to go by lazily, with us starting the day by rising blearily from bed and tumbling straight into our private pool, daily visits to the spas, then afternoons spent between lounging with cocktails on the deck, and having somersault competitions in the pool again.

It got so utterly decadent that one of the things we seemed to think was HILARIOUS by the end of the trip (proving our delirious happiness) - was swim up to the edge of the pool and peer over, pretending to be sharks. UH HUH. YES. We are just so cool.

bali trip

It was probably one of the best trips we've done as a team, simply for all the pool time and laughter that was shared. SUCH a good single happy memory to have in the chill of mid winter in Melbourne, and to look forward doubly to our Thailand trip this November!