travel: carry-on essentials for prettiness

Well, I was supposed to be making various posts about all our adventures in Egypt, but let me tell you, the jetlag has hit me le hard, with a lovely combination of back pain, crazy sleepiness, a cold, and stomach flu plaguing me all at once. Looking over my fabulous trip photos, it's all I can do not to cry in disbelief that bliss was a scant fortnight ago, and now I'm in cold cold Melbourne, rugged up in a blanket and feeling like hell has come. So clearly, it would pain me way too much to relive the experiences there. All in good time, my pretties.

Instead, I'll babble on about how to travel the Sharon way, ie, the pretty, glamorous way. Yes, this is a skincare post. WHOO HOO!

Airplanes are notoriously BAD BAD BAD for your skin - it's dehydrating, you're lying against chairs and cushions and blankets that have I-know-not-what on them, and the germiness of the recycled air is just staggering. I think I've clocked up over 100 long-haul (over 6 hours) flights in my lifetime, plus have a gorgeous mum who travels at LEAST monthly (and who still looks 20 years younger than she is), so I think I'm pretty well educated on the how-to-treat-your-skin-right front with regard to the flying in the aeroplanes.

Let me preface this by admitting that I AM one of those crazy ladies you see on the plane, pat-pat-patting their moisturiser into their face and applying lip balm like my life depended on it. Yes I am, oh hell yeah. What you may regard as 1 minute of embarrassment, I regard as a wrinkle less on my face when I'm older. So HA to all of you that don't bother with this. I WILL be youthful forever, dammit.

Here's what I carry in my quart-sized clear plastic baggie.

airplane essentials for skincare

Yup, I'm aware not all of these are liquids but I tend to put things I'll probably need alongside my skincare in the same bag for in-plane ease.

So I have my "medical" needs across the top from left to right:

My Ventolin inhaler for asthma/breathing difficulty, painkillers, a little pack of tissues, and a bottle of Axe oil. Axe universal oil is simply a do-it-all oil. Dotting it on your temples can help with headaches, its menthol smell eases sinus and sniffle issues, rubbing it on your chest does a similar job to Vicks vaporub, and in a pinch, I use it as a muscle relaxant like I would Tiger Balm, on sore areas. And a TINY bottle goes a LONG way. Awesomeness.

In the bottom row, on the extreme right, I have my trusty hand sanitizer.

Then from right to left, I have:

Dermalogica's Power Rich (collagen stimulator), Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye Cream and Serum (please-don't-make-wrinkles insurance). These are my barriers to the nasty aeroplane air, and I slather them on as soon as I've gotten comfy in the plane, and then follow on with a thick application of a creamy moisturiser (on this trip I used a small tin of good ol' Nivea cream, but forgot to add it in this photo!)

Then there's a Lancome Juicy Tube lipgloss, Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, and Invisible Zinc tinted moisturiser. I go ON the plane completely bare-faced, but before landing I like to look a bit presentable, so will pop on the tinted moisturiser and the lipgloss - both don't require a mirror or anything. The 8 hour cream is for hourly applications as lipbalm, and also doubles as cuticle cream, hand cream, and even hair styling wax if I need it! HOORAY!

And it all fits so nicely in my little ziploc bag:

travel essentials on airplane long haul flight

The keys to creating a travel kit like this are simple:

  • use multi-purpose products (like the 8hr cream, Axe oil and Nivea creme)
  • use travel-sized items (I got most of these sizes in sample kits you can buy online)
  • keep it solely for travel so it's easy whenever you pack to pop it in your bag

Truly, what's in this bag stays IN this bag permanently, (I don't usually use the Dermalogica or Prevage stuff on a daily basis as it's a bit overkill for me) and whenever I pack my hand-carry bag, I literally grab it, check it for leaks/empty containers, and dump it right in. Too easy, yes yes yes?

You can make a kit like this for yourself quite easily. My basic list is:

  • Tissues
  • Medical needs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Anti-aging serum/hydrating serum
  • Rich moisturiser
  • Ointment that doubles as lipbalm and chapped skin cream (Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is great too)

If I don't travel with the above for long haul flights, I do feel like my skin is ultra dry when I get off the plane, and like my lines and wrinkly bits (I AM turning 30, people!) show up more than usual. Also, I find that I suffer less from breakouts from change in weather/timezone/fatigue than normal, if I make sure my skin isn't stressed during the flight.

What are your carry-on must-haves, and what do you feel helps to make your long-haul flights that little bit more luxurious and hassle-free? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!