egypt - nile cruisin', temple lovin'

Well hello from Egypt everyone! After being warmly welcomed by S' lovely friends in Cairo, we spent the next 4 days of our trip on quite literally, possibly the finest cruise we'll ever be on. We've gone from Aswan to Luxor on this fabulously luxurious boat, and seen some incredible sights on the way. Included on our tour have been Philae Temple, Kom Mombo Temple, Edfu Temple (my personal favourite), and of course the beastiest of temple ruins,  Karnak. We've also traversed the Valley of the Kings and been less than a metre from King Tutankhamun's tomb, mummified remains, and coffin.

sharon pakir and stephen krygger in egypt - kom mombo temple

It's been incredible, being immersed and steeped in 4000 years of ruins, remains, history and culture, and additionally, somewhat humbling to be in the presence of such great civilisations of yore. It helps immensely that there are hardly any tourists about - we've found ourselves pretty much alone in each of these HUGE edifices, and have been able to savour each giant pillar and every statue in peaceful silence and an give them an appropriate level of attention and respect. Being on various motorboats, on a ship, walking hand in hand in bustling souks, and even a hot air balloon at dawn watching over several of the above temples from the sky, has been at once immensely romantic and also glorious to behold.

sharon pakir in egypt karnak temple

When I have better internet access I'll be posting some photos we've taken and more about the unbelievable experiences we've had in this magical country so full of human history. Suffice to say though, that S and I are keeping safe , are having the time of our lives, and have in just under a week, experienced enough moments of wonder, happiness and love to fill an olympic sized swimming pool, maybe more.

And we still have a whole week to go, in Cairo and its surrounds.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming.