the birthday month commences

Now, I know what you're thinking. A birthday MONTH? Like, because she was born in the month of May? No, people, seriously, I'm totally have a birthday month of CELEBRATIONS. I don't really know how it happened, one day I was discussing with S what my birthday plans were, and suddenly the idea came to me like fireworks in the sky, at once incredible andΒ mesmerizing. Hell, yeah, I'm having a month of celebrations.

Why? TSK.


But if you must know, here are my reasons:

I have had an extremely tumultuous year past. When I reflect upon it, I am at once horrified by its vagaries and in awe of its wonder. I have had the worst injury ever (that still hasn't healed and won't for another 18 months), a huge shift in my abilities to work and live, and have because of all of it, experienced some of the deepest vulnerable months ever. I've also been subject to some pretty abject treatment by some trolls in the community I've given almost a decade to, as well as had to resign myself to some pretty unproductive, non-income generating months here.

Then again, it has also been a stupendous year - getting to be a home owner and incredibly, with the love of my life, has been a journey of wonderment. Actually living with him for 6 months now has made us grown deeper in love. I got almost a month long visit from my father and got to spend precious moments with him. My friendship circle has deepened in closeness immensely, and the support I have received from my network has left me incredulous. I have been able to pursue my passions and launch another business, and most importantly, I have been given the gift of time to heal, reflect, and plan forward.

Tough and yet, pretty damn good. My overall reflection though? It was pretty traumatic.

To put this year behind me and truly get out of these wooded jungled times, I have decided to have a prolonged birthday. And in fact, I haven't even decided it, it seems, the celebrations, they have found ME, in order to bestow the privilege of hitting another decade on me.

So, behold:

4th May: commences S and I's lomantic trip to Egypt! He has promised to spoil me rotten as this is part if my birthday present. Well ok, he says it IS my birthday present but I can be naughty and hope! :)

14th May: we land in Singapore for some family time!

15th May: Family has a birthday dinner for me.

16th May: Salsa friends in Singapore have a partay/night out with me!

17th May: Lunch with one of my oldest friends Wei, since her birthday is 1 day before mine!

18th May: Return to Melbourne

20th May: My mummy arrives in Melbourne!

21st May: Latin 247 (Salsa event)

22nd May: Birthday dinner with Mummy and S' folks

23rd May: Mummy leaves.

25th May: S is taking me out to dinner. Uh huh, you are, honey, if you are reading this!

26th May: My actual birthday.

28th May: S' niece's deb ball, which means BALL GOWN oh gosh YAY!

29th May: My beautiful girlfriends and I having champagne lunch for my birthday!

4th June: my ACTUAL birthday party in Melbourne


Are you exhausted yet? In case you were counting, that is SEVEN parties. 8, if you count the Latin247 event (which isn't for celebrating my birthday but hell, whilst we're there we may as well!) I am TINGLING with excitement, let me just tell you, and it ALL STARTS TODAY, since we are oh yes, right now, as I hit PUBLISH, boarding that plane to Egypt for a wonderful holiday.

Gosh, I'm a lucky girl, and I'm gonna enjoy it to the max, don't you worry. 7 parties, lots of love from both my hometowns, and multi-country happiness.