the capability project: launched

On Sunday, I finally launched my consultancy, The Capability Project. The Capability Project is my dream job, and one that I truly feel I have skills in - working with people, teams and organisations become their best selves, enhancing their capabilities, through motivation techniques, group-work, management upskilling, and transformational coaching.

Since quitting my job last May to pursue this passion, I was lucky enough to have landed a few great contracts where I got to do exactly this. It was incredibly soul-lifting, to be able to sit in rooms of teams from small to large, and challenge their perceptions of their abilities, planning their way to greater heights, and facilitate real transformation in their confidence and relatedness. I walked out of each session feeling enlightened myself, and empowered, and the feedback that came from the participants was almost overwhelmingly positive. It was awesome.

Then my huge injury happened, and I was unable to work for 8 months.

Now however, I am on the mend, and whilst I can't dance too much, I've certainly been looking forward to re-igniting this consultancy work and getting more of it. And The Capability Project is what I've been working on and formulating in the meanwhile!

the capability project by sharon pakir

It was certainly lovely to launch the site, its Facebook page and our Twitter feed, and even lovelier to see the oodles of cheer and great feedback pouring in. I am so truly blessed to be so supported, and whilst it'll be a slow start I'm sure, with such steady streams of care behind me I can't help but be sure it's worth giving it a good shot.

the capability project facebook page by sharon pakir

If you would like to have a look at what The Capability Project is all about, simply CLICK OVER for some inspired blogging (if I may say so myself!) and reminders of how to keep ourselves our BEST selves always.

You could also head along to The Capability Project's FB Page where we discuss learning, capability building, and much much more. If you have been coached or trained by me in any realm, I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience there! You can also follow us on Twitter, where we post a few quotes that have inspired me every day!

If you know of any teams or businesses that can benefit from coaching, training, facilitation or upskilling, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me in passing my contact along!

Thank you everyone, and share the love! :)

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