visit from the royal family

Well, almost. This last week, my parents visited us in Melbourne. Mum came for a whirlwind 4 days, and my, what a whirlwind it was! I have written about my mum before, and she is just ย the most amazing, energetic, exuberant and vibrant woman I know (really, and truly, this comes verified from many other sources)! Whilst she was here, we ran around crazily cramming superhuman amounts of errand running, shopping, dining, giggling and catching up in each day to maximise her stay. This is the first time Mum and Pa have seen our forever home since we moved in barely 6 months ago now (it feels like it's been a year, at least!) and before they arrived, we cleaned and modeled the house in excitement, as though staging it for a sale viewing. Despite being a full grown adult, my parents are still a huge influence in my life, and I wanted them to see for themselves how happy me and S are, and for them to be proud of our new home and life together.

our house is a very very very fine house (sharon pakir)

I was pleased when Mum said she loved how beautiful it was, pleased that my Dad thought it has a beautiful interior and ultra beaming with joy when they commented on how well we had done the decor. My parents are shockingly stylish and brought us up in beautiful homes, and it was important to me that they liked our home too!

We also managed to have a truly lovely dinner at home for S's family as well as mine - so they could all meet. Happily, everyone got along like a house on fire and it made for a wonderfully warm evening filled with laughter and merry story-telling.

pakir and krygger family dinner

krygger boys

Mum spoiled me CONSIDERABLY in the short time she was here - she needed to buy clothes and an array of things, and rather wonderfully, bought me some gorgeous pieces too (since I've been oh so good about shopping lately due to my self imposed, but not very well kept spending ban).

She also decided it was her mission to help us make our house more of a home, with a few well-placed purchases that we were lacking. Like insisting on replacing our tea towels, stocking up our pantry and fridge with the biggest supermarket shop I have ever witnessed, ย and buying us a couple of lamps like this incredible gorgeous one below:

gorgeous lamp sharon pakir chinois inspired
mmmm... lamp love.

giggly fun with pakir family

My dad is staying on for a total of 3 weeks, whilst I help him with lots of rehab and feed him like a king, as he so deserves. Last night I even made a gourmet restaurant style meal of fresh shucked oysters, herbed salmon, black pepper crusted seared tuna, kumara mash, grilledย zucchini, and prawns cooked in butter and wine. He ate so much I thought he was going to explode! YAYY FOR EXPLODING DADS! :)

I've so far made him tell me that I'm hisย favourite daughter only 17 times in a week (ha to Sheila!), which I think is pretty restrained of me. We have had lots of laughter and it's just been lovely to spend such oodles of quality time with him one-on-one, something I've missed in the last 3-4 years that he hasn't travelled here.

So whilst it's been a tiring, whirlwind week so far (and 2 more to go!) - it's been just filled with so much warmth and love that it's hard to think of it as "tiring", more like "an adventure", really. And as with all adventures, it's fun, exciting and even a little bit tingly with family time.