have thy tools ready.

Even though S and I moved into this house 5 months ago, there are still, embarrassingly, whole areas (which is my euphemism for "rooms"), that are cluttered and not really well put away. Whilst we had unpacked our thousands of boxes within the first week of moving in, we didn't always unpack them well, telling ourselves we would slowly work through the house and sort it all out. Famous last words.

Somehow, life just got the better of us - Christmas and New Years wiped us out, then there was the Sydney Salsa Congress in January, then my trip to Singapore. There's been plenty of dance events to keep us busy, as well as all the work we've been doing outdoors with every spare weekend moment we get. Then finally, there's the bit where I'm a horrendous homemaker and truly bad at understanding how a house is meant to run.

Ok fine, the above are all excuses. Except the last bit - that is all true.

Last weekend, I finally got some time to do some tidying of some problem areas. Problem area number 1: tools. S and I had lots of tools between us, but we weren't quite sure of WHAT we had, and no system to storing them. For the last few months, our tools had been scattered all around the laundry counters, stashed in a couple of containers, and lingering in odd places around the deck (where we'd used them). I decided to do a bit of an audit on what we had, and oh my...


For 2 lovely humans who have previously had little to no experience in DIY, man, we had a lotta tools.


I mean, does anybody really need 3 hammers, 3 pairs of pliers, 4 measuring tapes, and a thousand spanners? Oh and don't even get me started on the screwdrivers - that collection above is IN ADDITION to the brief-case sized black case enclosed Stanley set (I think it's what is known as a COMPENDIUM) that Stephen has. Or the variety and range of drill bits we own (when both of us learnt to use a drill for the first time less than a fortnight ago).

Plus, we had an assortment of nails, screws, bolts and all kinds of little metal whizoos - it was like we had become a family of carpenters overnight. Half the things in there, we didn't even know what to do with.

I was in a "sorting" mood, so I divided everything up into categories, then put them all neatly away:

And then I got started on the tidy up of the laundry room, which was a bit of a mammoth task that left me lying in bed and moaning and groaning for hours after. But that's for another post. Really, I kid you not, that laundry room was pretty chaotic.

With the tools though, is anyone else like this? Are we the only household with an array of tools so magnificent we could host DIY workshops? Re-assure me here, and let me know we're not the only crazies who seem to have a collecting hobby we didn't know about! Or should we be getting rid of some of it?

Ps, when I had laid all the tools out on the carpet, I made S come and look at the ridiculous scale of it. He didn't think it was ridiculous at all. His eyes lit up with pride, and he gave me the biggest grin, and declared, "IT'S AWESOME ISN'T IT!" - I think I see where the problem lies...