5 happy things

It's wonderful to be able to list some extremely simple things that make me a generally happy person. I think too few people realise the simplicity of happiness, the extreme privilege we face in living in a first world situation, the miracle that is our existence. Some things that have made me incredibly happy in the last 10 days:

1. Travel with my team

ADELAIDE SALSA FEST - 030 - spin city dance - sharon pakir

It astounds me constantly that I am able to travel for dance, my passion, and go around Australia and sometimes the world, teaching, performing, making new friends and learning so much about different places. Mostly though, I've enjoyed spending some ridiculously good times with my amazing team. We are so good together, and these trips always make for memorable weekends that we will reminisce about with joy in our old age. The Adelaide Salsa Festival that just passed was a shining example of such a trip.


2. Celebrity moments

I was invited to a little VIP soiree for the Melbourne Latin Festival Launch Party last week, and taught a dance class whilst I was there. Fabulously, I got to meet some really cool people but also, look!

sharon pakir in herald sun newspaper melbourne latin festival

This was in the Herald Sun on Saturday. I know it's not REAL fame, but hell, S's parents (without being told I was in it) very cutely sent me this message: "We see you are a celebrity, we see your photo in the paper!"

And you know what? That's good enough for me!


3. Great news

That my dad is going to be coming to Melbourne very soon to spend some quality time with his favourite child. (This is a test to see if my siblings read this blog, let's see how long it takes for the excuuuuuuuse me phone calls to come in!)

BALI TRIP JUNE 2010 - 0534

This pleases me to no end - it'll be wonderful to spend a few weeks with my favourite man ever, but also, I'm excited for him to see our home that we've made, and experience a bit of my life. I'm excited about slow walks, holding his hand, and cooking for him. It's going to be tiring, but lovely.


4. Getting more clarity

And coming to terms a bit more with the limitations of my body. This week was a bit of a landmark, whereby I brought myself to sell a few pairs of shoes I'll realistically no longer wear due to my back injuries. It's probably the first time where I've managed to rationally do something so... final... about what my life is slowly but surely becoming.

high heeled shoes sharon pakir melissa vivienne westwood, steve madden, witchery

If you know me at all, you know how much I love my (large) collection of heels - and don't worry, I'm not getting rid of them all, just the ones that are either over 5 inches, OR just that bit unstable (and I no longer have the capacity to totter about in). A few friends messaged me saying they were a bit sad or amazed that I had made this step, but it made me feel mentally and emotionally stronger about it all. Yes, I know they're just shoes, but hell, when even choosing footwear can make or break your day, you know your mindset has to shift dramatically.


5. Surprises from my darling

I got back from the Adelaide Salsa Festival exhausted and on the verge of falling sick, and all I wanted was a cuppa tea and bed. A little note from S on the kitchen counter would've been a bonus. So imagine my joy and surprise when I came home to a PRESENT!


There's nothing better than a gift, except a gift that you've specifically wished for, and briefly mentioned the week before. And there's nothing better than knowing your sweetie was thinking about you whilst you were away, and went out of his extremely busy way to spoil you. Uh huh. Love!


So there's my 5 happy things this week, what are yours? xx