adelaide salsa festival 2011

Am currently on-route to the Adelaide Salsa Festival - every year, I go to this fantastic event to teach, perform, dance, and it's a wonderful opportunity to catch up with my fabulous and talented Latin dance peers from around Australia.

This year I won't be dancing much obviously, but I have missed dancing incredibly and am excited to be surrounded by the music, people and community that I'm passionate about, and teach and perform to the best of my ability!


I'm also particularly proud - this year 3 of my own team, trained by yours truly, are also teaching and performing their on professional couple routines on stage. I can't tell you how pleased I am for them and how far they've come!! If there's anything better than teaching - it's watching your students achieve greatness themselves and getting excited about their soaring to new heights!


It's going to be a wonderful weekend. Dancing. Learning. Teaching. Performing. Great music. Great people. Partying hard. Hanging with my amazing team. Good lord, I'm tingling with joy, and do appreciate my life so!!