day 2 after epidural - update

I just thought I'd let all of you know after my last post, that I'm feeling much better. Saturday was a really hard day, with combination of pains and a pretty bad fever in the evening that lasted hours. It got to 10pm, and I was pretty hot, sweaty, and weak, and S told me not to go, but in the end I just made it to our anniversary party and I'm SO glad I did (even though I don't remember much of it!) - it was lovely to see how many people came down to celebrate with us, and our teams and couples performing so incredibly.

If you were there and I failed to say hello to you - I'm very sorry! I was seriously delirious! I was almost in tears seeing so many of our old and new students all there in our gorgeous space, and it was amazing, when I asked who in the room had been students of ours from when we first started 4 years ago, and to see so many hands go up. In particular, it was lovely to have so many of our pro team members from over the years up there with us. Everyone has contributed so much to our lovely little community, and for that I was so grateful to have been there to see it.


Today, the pain has been much better - I've managed to be off painkillers from after lunch, and after a 15 hour sleep last night, shrugged off the fever. I can still feel twinges of pain down my legs and where the needle went in, but it's totally bearable. Also managed to cook us dinner, so I must be feeling a LOT better! I also got to enjoy some of the last of our warm weather out in the garden, watching my lovely man get all dirty and manly with a shovel.



By tomorrow I hope to be in barely any pain (coz the cortizone should've kicked in) and I want to start my daily swim. The idea is, I use this 2 week window of pain relief to get my body up to strengthening some. S tells me to chill for another day, but I reaaaallly want to, even just a gentle swim. Mental note: 2 weeks of pain relief is NOT the time for me to dance like a crazy lady, and I MUST establish boundaries for myself!

Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely well wishes. It has truly been an overwhelming weekend, with turmoil, pain, happiness, joy, gratitude, love, anger, sadness, and a WHOLE lot of WOW.