quick recipe: vegematables

So earlier in the week, I uploaded on Instagr.am, one of my favourite quick meal accompaniments to cook, ever. asparagus & mushroom stirfry


And then within a day, a few people messaged me asking me to share the recipe. And because I'm nice like that, watch me comply. COMPLIANCE, people, not usually my strongest forte, but here we go!

So this is how it goes down in our household. Most weeks on our weekly supermarket run, S and I pick up a coupla bunches of asparagus and a large container of pre-sliced mushrooms, because this is one of our staple recipes.

And we buy the pre-sliced a.k.a "how lazy can you be" mushrooms because it really does save us a few minutes, and having a large container of this convenient yummy goodness in the fridge means we can throw a handful of sliced mushrooms into almost anything we make, from sandwiches to stirfries, and pretend we're being all healthy. Yup, judge our lazy habits if you want, but this is one we ain't getting rid of!

Cooking this dish takes 10 minutes from the moment I decide I want to cook it, which is just speedy heaven. So here's how to make it:

First, I take the asparagus out of the fridge, and chop it up into 1 inch or so lengths. CHOP CHOP CHOP, and you're done. 30 seconds.

sliced asparagus


(Recipe instructions usually tell you to snap the woody bottom section of each asparagus stalk off one by one but I find a good 1.5 inch chop off the bottom of a bunch works pretty well to get rid of woodiness. Yay for speed!)

Then, I run the asparagus under some water for a rinse and let it dry in a colander, whilst I take the mushrooms out of their container home. (30 seconds)


Usually whilst all this is going on, my wonderful wok is heating up patiently on the stove.

Once it's hot, I put a little swirl of oil (peanut, vegetable or olive) in the pan, and wait a few seconds for that to get hot as well. Also, a shake of sesame oil for fragrance and flavour. (30 seconds)

At this stage, sometimes I add in a little garlic or ginger (if I don't have it on hand, I don't bother). If I have, I let it get brown. (1 minute)

Then I throw the asparagus in. I give everything a good stir, then about 30 seconds or so in, I throw all the mushrooms in. At this stage, I always:

  • Grind rock salt and pepper over it all, liberally
  • Add a dash of white wine/beer/stock/lemon juice for a little liquid.

(1 minute)

asparagus mushroom stirfry

I let the mushrooms sweat a bit, which only takes a minute at most. Whilst doing that, I add the following optional items, depending on my mood, what liquid I've added, and what we're pairing the vegetables with:

  • a dash of light soy sauce or
  • a teaspoon of miso or
  • a dash of white vinegar or
  • a dash of fish sauce or
  • sometimes a combination of the above

Sometimes just the salt and pepper is enough (especially if pairing with a steak or roast). How do I know whether it'll be good? Well, usually I can smell if it is going to be something I want to eat. When I was just starting to learn to cook though, I used to combine the liquids in a cup first and adjust to taste BEFORE adding it to the stirfry. You may want to try this method first. All up you probably only want about 1/3 cup of liquid in there. You don't want it drowning, just have a bit of slip in the wok.

(1 minute - 2 minutes depending on amount of vegetables)

Either way, in about 3 minutes flat and a lot of vigorous stirring with your spatula, the dish is done. The asparagus will be BRIGHT green, you don't want it to go too much past that and the mushrooms will be just soft but still firm.

And then, you serve it up next to your main meal!

easy stir fry


This dish is so super easy, and so yummy, that we do make it on average at least once a fortnight, if not weekly. S wasn't even an asparagus lover until he tried this, and it's always a great fresh tasting addition to any main meal. We also find it keeps well in the fridge, and re-heated in the microwave, makes a fine accompaniment to my secret shame quick meal of instant noodles (and renders it kind of healthy, even!) so we often have a bowl of this in our fridge.

It's also super versatile - amounts of each vegetable doesn't matter, and truly, you can use whatever seasonings you like as long as you keep it light (so the beautiful fresh tastes of the asparagus come through).

Do you have a super quick, super easy fool-proof recipe that's a staple in your arsenal? I'd love for you to share it with me! :)