gentleman's code for real??

I am obsessed with How I Met Your Mother, and in particular, since I am predisposed towards those of the cheeky personalities, my obsession is with Barney and his Bro Code. As soon as I found out there was an iPhone Bro Code app (people, are you listening? An iPhone App for the BRO CODE!), I gleefully downloaded it. On our little roadtrip to Torquay, I regaled S with snippets from the Bro Code app, and we giggled merrily all the way until I hit this one, Article 38, gasped, read it out, and stared at S in wide-eyed shock. "IS THIS TRUE?!" I asked in disbelief.

bro code

S assured me that yes, indeed, there was a known code and no man breached it.

"Even when in a rugby match??"

"Even in water polo??"

"Even in that stupid no-rules wrestling on TV??"

"Even in a pub brawl??"

"Even in WAR??"


All his answers were, AFFIRMATIVE. At no time shall a man punch another man in the wazoo area.

I'm speechless with flabbergastment written all over my face (and yes, I'm aware flabbergastment is not a word but poetic license and all that jazz so HA to you), and so I had to put it out in a public forum (and now imagine if I'd said a "pubic forum". Oh my, the punnage possibilities.)

Is this true? Is there a code? Is it only dastardly females that inflict this vicious (but sometimes well deserved) injury onto the male species? Can you all comment on this, especially my male friends?

I refuse to believe it until I have more data.