torquay weekend

Every so often, S and I like to take a 2 day roadtrip somewhere to re-connect, regroup, and just spend some quality romantic time together. We try to book these in advance - my weekend dance schedule often means weekends are fraught with busy-ness. Last weekend was booked in months ago, and we decided to head to Torquay since it's near the end of summer. We figured trying to get any sunshine would be good! We did a lot of things in 2 days - the things about S and I is that we both love activities, and we love doing things together. We started our Saturday with some coffee and munchies at Scorched, a gorgeous little restaurant by the Esplanade.

sharon pakir in torquay having brunch

fried school prawns at scorched, torquay

torquay esplanade

Then we cafe-hopped a bit, watching the day go by with newspapers, coffees, and lovely chatting time.

s reading newspapers at a cafe


After a wonderful morning, we checked in at the Crowne Plaza, which had come recommended by a friend. We weren't disappointed, it's a really nice hotel with friendly staff, really nice facilities, and close to everything as well! As soon as we got in, S suggested I go do a couple of spa treatments whilst he went to the gym. TOTAL SCORE, HE IS SUCH A CLEVER MAN.

Off to the spa I skipped off to, and then later, feeling very relaxed and glowing (and him all gym-bunnied), we met for a steam room session, and then jumped in pool for a bit of a splash. It was an afternoon of absolute pampering and fun, with lots of giggles, an impromptu swimming coaching session for me, and super invigorating.

We had a quick drink in the hotel bar - you gotta love big hotels sometimes for their facilities. Thirsty? Just go downstairs and order a cold golden ale! Whoo hoo! Then got primped and ready for dinner. We headed to Geelong, and had dinner at a bar right on the water.

s on date night

S wanted to see me in  dress featuring some colour, so I happily complied.

sharon pakir 22

sharon pakir

date night sharon pakir stephen


Date nights with S are always dreamy - we stroll, hand in hand, the wind in our hair, we order comfort food and have a few drinks, and everything always seems to pass in some kind of wonderful, light-drenched movie scene kind of way. The photo above reflects it perfectly!

We ended date night by watching a quality movie together (a tv screen with Brad, George and Matt in Oceans Thirteen, and a handsome man right by my side - PERFECTION!).

Sunday morning, we checked out, then headed to Geelong for some crepes. If you haven't been to Panache, you MUST go - it's just awesomeness. Their chai lattes are also wondrous, especially on a day that is pretending to be the last day of summer but feels more like the dead of winter.

panache crepes, geelong

coffee at panache, geelong

bolognese crepe at panache, geelong

Then, because I whined until he agreed, we hit up a couple of wonderful antique markets. And ended up having so much giggling fun with antics, poses and whispered agreements about items we would NEVER buy, that at one point, I laughed till I nearly had a asthma attack. Uh huh. We are just really mature like that.

antique shop fun

Yes, I'm wearing S's shirt from the day before. Don't judge me - it was cold and the shirt was SO comfy!!

antique shop silliness

With that much laughter beneath our belt, and so much romantic time and all round glowing happiness, it was time to head home.

sharon pakir roadtrip

So that was that folks, what goes on when S and I disappear for the weekend! It was truly long overdue (we haven't been away since I've been injured because long car rides make Mr Spine angry), and exactly what we needed. It's also given us a taste of our upcoming overseas trip in May, so we are now doubly excited in anticipation! Hurray for love and days away!!