friendly competition, my culo.

To usher in the new year, we had a few friends come over for a "friendly" games night. Brilliantly organised by Anita, and hosted by me and S. Who says we don't use our complementary skills (where skills in our case, involved having a large coffee table to play boardgames on)! We started off sedately, though, with 11 of us squashing good-naturedly around our 8-seater table, in the ONLY complete room of the house, decor-wise. (sigh).

dining room sharon pakir

It was a potluck, and I rather creatively, provided cheese and crackers (what a host!) Everyone else though, surpassed themselves bringing exotic tastes to the table.

potluck - multicultural food

Dinner was soooooo nice. I think everyone was playing NOICE until the board games started, and the real competitive backstabbing could begin. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

But anyways, as I was saying, dinner was VERY nice.

dinner party

oren & anita

dinner party2

home made rocky road

liz and sharon

the best man in the world

After all the dinner niceties, we headed to the loungeroom for some goodnatured, old fashioned fun with board games. Except - put 11 people in a room with about 20 academic degrees between them playing cognitively interesting games and what happens? Friendly competition is NOT quite the word for it!

sad faces

board game playing

board games

drawing with eyes shut

Ok, no, I lie. It was EXTRAORDINARILY fun. We were all in fine form, and belted out tunes, played charades, carved artistic works out of play-doh, drew accurate depictions with our eyes closed, had boys vs girls play-offs, and giggled and cackled a WHOLE LOT.

liz and fay

drawing pictionary



group games

All in all, it was almost sinful, how enjoyable the night was. It's wonderful to have evenings filled with incredible fun, and remind me that I am lucky to be surrounded not just by friends, but amazing friends who are at once diverse yet similar, eloquent, intelligent, fun-loving, high-spirited, feisty and more. We always have so much fun when we come together, and thankfully, we do so a lot. What a great bunch.

group of friends

When's the last time you had a boardgame night?