a special day for a special man

Today is the birthday of my very special man. It's a day when I get to write him soppy cards, spoil him with a few presents, cook whatever he likes, and generally be good to him. The incredible thing about S is that he spends every day of the year spoiling me, and being generally wonderful, and he almost doesn't know what to do when he's the recipient of the niceties! It's been wonderful watching him today, excited and happy, and being showered with love and presents from his family.

birthday boy!

We had his family over for dinner, and I spent the day cooking one of his favourite meals - slow cooked roast lamb (6 hours in the oven, baby!). This simple thing had this man raving about it for 2 hours after the meal - how could you NOT love that? The house was filled with chatter of a happy family, the smells of good food, and afterward, the satisfied silence of full-bellied lolling about in the loungeroom. It was perfection, and I hope, wondrous for the birthday boy.

slow roasted lamb

To end off what has been a lovely evening, S and I are doing what we love best - sitting on the couch with each other and savouring the last few moments of the day. And what did I get him? Well a few odds and ends he needed in his clothing repertoire, an apt cologne by D&G called "a perfect gentleman" (apt, right?!) annnnnd a few vouchers. Like 4 vouchers for bonafide dance lessons from me (I've been neglecting him!), a voucher for a long walk around our new neighbourhood, a voucher for spending the rest of his life with me, and oh yes, most importantly, a voucher for him to be allowed to give me a massage. I am nothing, if not generous, people.

Stephen, if you're reading this - I love you. Happy birthday, darling, and here's to many more birthdays I can celebrate with you. Don't ever forget how incredible you are - today, on your birthday - and every other day.

birthday boy

PS. You're really handsome. I mean, look at that smile on my guy. REALLY HANDSOME. *swoon*