inheriting love

My mum was a super stylish dresser - all through my childhood, I remember coveting everything she owned. Indeed, I remember wishing fervently that I would grow up and somehow assimilate her effortless style, her confident walk, and her always-in-fashion effervescence that leaves everyone she meets happy and at ease. It wasn't that my mum shopped a lot, or collected fashionable items incessantly. Instead, she had an admirably doting husband who always bought her classy outfits that oozed elegance. My father was a sucker for beautiful dresses, tasteful jewellery and timeless accessories, and lucky for him, my mum was a naturally elegant lady who pulled them off with aplomb.

I've written before about my wonderful father's magnificent tastes in gift buying for my mum, but on this last trip back to Singapore, I got to reap the benefits of this romantic man's penchants. My mum, upon hearing that I was now a "small handbag girl" (due to my back injury), promptly started pulling out some of her handbags for me to choose from. My sister and I watched on with glee as she pulled bag after bag from her treasure trove of a wardrobe, with both handbags new and vintage for us to try on, vainly model in front of the mirror, and paw at.

Lucky me, this one's siren call started long before she removed it from its dust bag. Purchased in the 80's I'm guessing, I spotted its rich navy leather tassel sticking out of the top of its protective cover.

bally tassel bag

I gasped and started pointing frantically, "THAT ONE MUMMY! I WANT THAT ONE PLEEEEEEASE!" and she pulled it out for me. EXCITEMENT! Everything you could possibly want in a handbag - a narrow profile, perfect length chain straps, buttery soft navy leather that's quilted (oh so current) and of course the stamp that makes it irresistible and priceless to all daughters - it belonged to my mummy.

bally vintage handbag quilted leather

The amazing thing was its condition - it was still BRAND NEW, because this was one gift from my father she evidently prized. And it's been around SO long, that it matches current fashions, and better yet, this year Bally actually went back to making leather tasselled accessories! Super win! I love that mum happily gave me this handbag (with a promise that I would look after it well!) and can't wait to start planning outfits around it.

bally vintage handbag quilted leather

So there you have it, one of the favourite things I brought back from Singapore, though you can't really classify it as shopping. Using it is not only going to make me feel fashionably like mum on a daily basis, but also leave me with the kind of happiness and warmth of heart that only sentimental family love can bring... Or perhaps, the kind of simple joy that can be likened to feeling like a 5 year old girl, wearing her mum's pearls and high heels and feeling VERY glam indeed!