5 happy things

This last week I've been battling with a lot on a personal level - difficult news that reminds me of my family being so far away, as well as pushing through pain barriers to train adequately for my dancing comeback, and sheer busy-ness as we prepare to travel next week. I thought I'd have a think about some happy things instead, and as always, if you want to identify them, they are plentiful, and all around us. 1. Our neighbours have the most gorgeous, massive tree in their backyard, and it hangs over ours too. On a beautiful day in Melbourne, as today was, all I need to do for some peace and solace is wander out into our back garden and gaze upon the blue calm sky. I'm lucky to have a wonderful thinking spot just 5 seconds from my back door.

gorgeous tree

2. On weekends, S and I like to head up to the strip of shops and cafes and have breakfast together. It's one of the few meals we get to have together (and at the appropriate time) most weeks, due to our schedules! This last week we found a lovely cafe called Fuel, and the food was good, coffee great, and even better, we bumped into a couple of my old students there! As we went to pay, this sign made me smile, and I knew I'd found a cafe with spunk, and worth our patronage.

tip jar funny sign

3. I performed! For the first time in 6 months. 6 months ago there was a possibility I may not dance again. I've been crushed, despondent, and fearful. On Saturday night, after a long period of impatient recovery, and still not quite 100% yet, I performed. Not a routine that was horrifically difficult for me (that's next weekend!) but still crazy scary as I was in heels, shaky legged, not as strong or flexible as I used to be, and hadn't been training for very long. It was nice waking up 2 mornings later, trying to shake the soreness lurking, to see these babies lying on the coffee table, reminding me of the triumph from the other night. (Well, and how I'd staggered home, peeled them off and flung them on the coffee table).

fake eyelashes post performance

4. Speaking of heels. I've now managed 2 occasions in heels - first to Kat & Leigh's engagement, and then to drinks on Friday night with my girls. Like I said, I've spent much of the last 6 months in trackies and laying about the house, so getting dressed up and wearing heels was a tiny slice of heaven. The bonus? Seeing the look on S's face when he saw me. (He said he was going to disallow the outing, I looked too nice. Gotta love the man.) It may sound crazy, but feeling like a woman again goes a long way to confidence boosting when you haven't left the house much in months.

sharon pakir

5. S's parents and family have made me feel so incredibly welcomed into their arms. They visited this Sunday and the afternoon was filled with warmth and laughter. They're so caring, brightened my day when I was sore, tired, in pain and apprehensive about next week's performances, and I'm so grateful that I've not only got the most perfect man, but that he comes with wonderful relations too.


There's my 5 happy things this week. What are yours?