antique wonders

Yayy! I have found a local antique shop in my new 'hood which is just phenomenal! I happened to drive past it, noticed it's quaint hand painted signage, and hastily found a parking spot so I could take a wander through it. A large shed filled to the brim with treasures - ranging from tiny crystal cruet sets to dusty books, from large velvet lounge suites and mahogany dining tables, to dozens of old chandeliers hanging from its rafters. antique ice bucket

I managed to walk out with just a few items. A gorgeous silver and gilded ice bucket, complete with regal emblem. Perfect for entertaining, and goes perfectly with:

antique store glasses & plate

Matching set of gold rimmed wine glasses! The ice bucket & glasses combo will be perfect for serving copious amounts of Rosemount O - my latest favourite tipple (and seemingly universally liked by guests), which is meant to be poured over ice to be enjoyed. I also acquired the gorgeous plate above, which I was originally going to use on my coffee table as a receptacle to hold the remote controls and coasters that litter it. Even though the plate matches our decor perfectly though, it wasn't right on the coffee table and it's currently being used as a super fancy fruit bowl.

Smug as anything, I am, with my all new, all cheap, all gorgeous new purchases for the house. Ahhhh.