cute lil' carry bags

I, like most women I know, used to have to carry just about the entire contents of my house in my handbag around with me, day after day. It's incredible what a resourceful woman can fit in her handbag, and even more the random items that can accumulate in there after days of use! Sunglasses, over the counter meds, tissues, makeup, eye drops, every card for every store known to mankind - ask me for it, and I'd usually have it! Yes, I used to be one of those women, but since my back injury, I've had to rethink this model and how useful it is. When I started venturing out of the house again, the single biggest factor to my fatigue was that heavy, dastardly thing dragging my shoulder down and bumping into my hips. I wondered just how I would fare with the basic necessities, and here's what I carry now:

1. Phone

2. Keys

3. Lipbalm (just ONE)

4. Small card holder - contains ID, credit card, cash

(I have another small card holder with all my store cards, and I only carry it if going to the shops).

Surprisingly, i have ADORED the liberation from fishing through my bag for things. I no longer lose small (or large) items in there. No more fumbling for my phone when it rings. No more wondering if I've got everything on me. I always know whatever I'm carrying at any given time - if my sunglasses aren't hanging from my collar, then I don't have them. There is no chance they're hiding in my little 6inchx4inch handbag I've been toting around. I haven't missed anything I used to carry around - anytime I've needed a Panadol, a mint, or a tissue pack, I've simply bought one - we do after all, live in a modern city with stores everywhere.

I think I'm a convert.

I've been carrying around a little handbag with a long shoulder strap - an LV one that my gorgeous mummy loaned me - I love it, but it's a tiny bit small. When I've got both my phone and my card holder in there, it's a bit snug, and I'm terrified that my keys will fall out everytime I gently manoeuvre anything out of it. I've been err, perusing these others too. Just for inspiration, of course. Pretty, no?


1. Chloé - Marcie Small Calfskin Mini Bag - AUD 710

2. Marc Jacobs - Quilting the Large Single Leather Bag - AUD 652

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs - 'Classic Q High Schooly' Top Handle Satchel - AUD 516

What do you think? Could you go bare with your bag? Try it - feel your back and shoulders thank you for it!