of herbs and spice

I know this whole green thumb thing isn't going to last that long - I'm sure it's a strange fluke or that nature is simply being kind to me in my betrodden state. Whatever it is, I'm not only going to keep taking advantage of it, but also going to rub it in your face any time I have any kind of success with the dastardly business. I'll take the little victories. Even if they have nothing to do with me. I'm really enjoying the process of learning, as I always do, and mostly, I'm enjoying the directatorship sense of glee when I note that my actions directly impact the plants. *rubs hands together*. It's also pretty magical when plants go from boring green things to flowering, budding, sprouting and growing, sometimes overnight!

My garden herb pots are flourishing, and the other night I made a thai curry with its offerings (and some store-bought ingredients like chicken and vegetables!)

herbs from garden

The chilli was surprisingly potent - I like spicy as much as the next Asian, but man, this one little bugger in a big pot of curry and it was still a little full of mayhem. The curry turned out good though, if not one of the best times I've made it - proof is in a man eating over 2 dinners, what was measured out for 4. I give the fresh herbs credit. Kind of. I think he's getting a little weary of me taking herb cuttings, then SHOVING them under his nose and DEMANDING he declares how wonderful it is that I have fresh! garden! herbs! to cook with!

All said, it's very gratifying cooking S a good meal - he is at once heartily pleased and adorably grateful. He lauds its praises and then makes me feel like a domestic goddess (which I am far from). A while later, I can expect him to ask me to cook it again, complete with gratifying begging and joyful fist pumps when I agree. Sometimes love is blind, but in this case, love is glaringly obvious and wonderful.