the little touches

It's been 3 months since we've moved, and S and I are pretty much sorted for furniture. Sure, we do need something else for that gaping space in the loungeroom (daybed, chaise or something), I'm still pushing for an armchair in the study (but am still wishy washy about it) - but for the most part, we have no more major purchases. And our wallets thank us. And can quietly go heave a sigh of relief. I'm finding though, that I'm still learning a LOT about how to make a house a home. The little decorations, the accents. Choosing the right cushions (and seriously, how expensive are good cushions?!), pot plants in some beautiful pots, vases, trays, bowls... All these things take time to acquire, should be items you adore, and neither of us have ever done this. It feels daunting, and I'm unsure of spots that still seem empty but clearly need something. Lately, I've been trawling for inspiration for "looks" that I love, so that when I'm out and about, I may spot the perfect little somethings. Here goes.

In this room above, I adore the bowl on the coffeetable. The colours in the room match the tones in our house perfectly. The cushions look like the ones I JUST bought last week (squeal!). Now I want to find a bowl with those patterns.

dressing table

After seeing this above, all I want more than anything for my dresser now is a BUST to hang my necklaces on. OH YEAH BABY. A bust. You heard me. It looks incredible!

dressing table tray

Another gorgeous idea for the dressing table - a beautiful vintage glamour tray for holding my perfumes. So decadent! I'm trawling ebay for these at the moment, but the right one hasn't popped up.

the glamourai's coffee table

Let me just tell you right now that I would do almost anything to find a gold antelope type animal statue for my coffee table. Oh yes baby. S is in disagreement, and I don't even care, I want one so badly. It would look magnificent in our loungeroom!

gorgeous bedroom

My guilty wish - I really really want a zebra or cowhide rug. DON'T JUDGE ME. I just do. And that upholstered bench is just stunning as well.

entryway mirror

We don't really have any mirrors in the house yet - I'm looking for a few ornate ones for key spots. The entryway, the hall of shoes (hehehehe) and one in the walkway into the kitchen. You can't beat a mirror for making a space feel larger, and a gorgeous gold edged one matches my glamour sensibilities perfectly!

So there you go, some of the things I'm mulling over at the moment. I never knew that creating a home took so long, or was such hard work, but one thing has been really nice, and that is creating our sense of style as a partnership. One where I come up with arrays of ideas and S is patient, long-suffering, and pretends he likes it too. MUAHAHAHA!