saved up wishes

When you were a kid, did your mum or dad ever let you play "office" in their well, real, grown up office? My mum did - and I spent endless happy hours in her office, drawing Very Important Sketches on her whiteboard, pretending to answer her old school round-dialler phone, and paper clipping sheets of paper together. In a very official manner, of course. One of the things I loved most was when she gave me access to her little basket of rubber stamps and ink pads. Oh my. Now THAT was fun, and I've always harboured a secret wish to have a job that let me stamp bits of paper that were Very Important.

Of course, with the advent of technology, no desk job I've had has allowed me to stamp things - everything is PDF-ed and tagged and meta-searchable and all that jazz. So with all my heart, one of my saved up wishes has always been to have a rubber stamp of my own.

Incredibly enough, technology now allows me to pick and choose exactly how I can live out this little wish. Last night I was having a browse on Etsy, and found a formidable array of worldwide options for custom made rubber stamps. Here's what I found, and even though I can't order any (self imposed spending bans really suck) - I can wish a little more - especially now that S and I have our forever home and our forever address!

custom rubber stamp by stampoutonline on etsy

This one above is by a shop called stampoutonline on Etsy and is just $27.95 (USD). I love the handwriting scrawl of it - it kind of mimics my (very bad and erratic) handwriting!

custome rubber stamp by foryoo on etsy

This one above is by foryoo on Etsy, and I particularly love its clean lines with a splash of calligraphy - and is so well priced - just $19.95 (USD).

custom rubber stamp by foryoo on etsy 1

This one above is also by the talented foryoo, and I adore it! - just $20.95 (USD)!

another rubber stamp by foryoo on etsy

I may as well just out myself as a "foryoo fan" right now - this one above is by the same seller, and I can just imagine a "Sharon & Steve" stamp in this design given the giant "&" flourish! *squeal* - $21.95 (USD).

Lastly, one that's a bit less girly (because I think S will DIE if all our outgoing correspondence looks so swirly and purdy):

custom rubber stamp by foryoo - clean

Yup, this one would look extremely nice and professional whilst still being drool-worthy. I love good design! This one above also by foryoo, and just $19.95 (USD).

So what do you think? Which one is your favourite, and why? And most importantly, should I convert my saved up wishes into a current reality? Can you imagine me very happily stamping away on everything I own?