the simple things

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about improvements that make life that much more liveable. You know, things like finding your favourite brand of milk, or having a morning routine that just glides like silk, or finding shoes that fit you perfectly. These are frivolous things yes, but sometimes these little frivolities culminate and result in a life well lived, and appreciated all the more. I'm of the opinion that it's these very little things making life smoother, that gives me the headspace to lead a more meaningful existence, by not allowing myself to get irritable, feel discomfort, or get disgruntled over simple things. Here are some of the really minor things that make me pleased on a daily basis:

1. Swapping to plain ol' soap

The first few years I lived in Australia, my skin found it hard to adjust to the dryness. Despite moisturising zealously, my arms and legs were always too dry and patchy for comfort. All this changed dramatically when I swapped from shower gels to simple old soap. Yup, Palmolive soap to be exact (though when I want to feel fancy, I get my stash from Lush's range).

palmolive milk and honey soap

My current favourite is Palmolive Milk and Honey, pictured above. It's cheap, makes my skin feel clean, smells incredibly good, and most importantly, my skin has never been happier - I now hardly moisturise, and yet have happy, non-itchy, non-dry skin. Every time I tear open a new bar of this soap, I am slightly gleeful at how basic it is, and what a difference it's made.

2. Great socks

I never fathomed how much socks could change my life! In winter, I now exclusively buy cashmere socks - they are a bit more expensive (but only by a few bucks a pair), but last a LOT longer, and are undeniably life changing. Winters are no longer dreary and awful, because my feet feel so happy, and when your feet are happy, let me tell you, most things are better.

3. Good tea


Anyone who knows me also knows I drink copious amounts of tea. Since meeting S and confessing to him I love Earl Grey tea in particular, he buys it exclusively now instead of regular Dilmah/Lipton, even though it's a lot more expensive (in comparison). I love that this simple upgrade in my supermarket shopping habits makes me happy multiple times a day, tastes wonderful, and makes me feel loved all in one fell swoop.

4. (Kick-ass) electric toothbrush

I used to think electric toothbrushes were a crock of bullcrap, until I invested in a truly good one. Man, this machine, it blitzes through my teeth, and makes them feel super clean. Since I've started using it, my yearly dental checkups are totally pleasant, and the health of my gums have allegedly improved. When I use it properly (the full 2 minutes + floss + mouthwash) , I go to sleep feeling like superwoman. I know it sounds crazy, it's just a toothbrush, but you have no idea. It's addictive, that feeling in your mouth, of wonderment.

5. Wonderful pyjamas

I used to sleep in cheap flannel pyjamas, or old baggy teeshirts. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to look slightly more presentable for S around the house, so got a couple sets of pyjamas in the finest, softest, thinnest cotton ever. Oh, my. The difference it made in my sleep quality was astounding - I stopped waking up sweaty when the temperature wasn't right, my skin wasn't wrinkled from rough fabric, and nestling into my sheets was like a cotton wool swimming pool every night.

victorias secret satin pyjamas

Last winter, S upped the ante by buying me a few sets of Victorias Secret satin pyjamas and people, this was completing the circle of joy. These keep me super warm in winter, AND feel luxurious beyond belief.


So there you have it, a few of my creature comforts that on a daily basis, keep me happy, keep my day feeling good, and my brain feeling grateful. It's always the simplest of things, however frivolous they may seem, that can make a huge leap in the quality of your day. Do you have basic comforts that cause you joy? I hope this post inspires you to think about the little things that will make a daily difference to you, and invest in them to keep your heart and head pleased!