days of wine & roses

Mirth is the sweet wine of human life.

It should be offered sparkling with zestful life unto God.

{Henry Ward Beecher}

Today, on a whim, a few of us headed out to one of my favourite wineries - Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley. We forget how lucky we are here in Melbourne, with so many incredibly good wineries within an hour's drive of us, and just don't visit them enough.

We started with an antipasto and a cheese platter, and chattered about the latest (it being a whole 2 DAYS since we saw each other, yet there always seems to be so much to chat about).

antipasto platter and cheese platter - domaine chandonyummy yummy yummy!

Chandon's range tasting didn't disappoint, it's my favourite and I order it every time I go there - a selection of 4 of their awesome sparkling wines. Generous half-glasses, with information card and lots of happy sipping.

domaine chandon sparkling wine range tastinga medley of bubbles!

It was a glorious day - Melbourne sure does know how to put a good day on. For all that I complain about its moodiness in weather, when it's good, it's perfection.

domaine chandon winerystunning!

We frolicked.

domaine chandon - anita

sharon pakir - at domaine chandon

And ate ourselves silly. The food was divine.

pork belly - domaine chandonmmm pork belly

duck stuffed zucchini flowers - domaine chandonduck stuffed zucchini flowers...

And then we had another bottle of the vintage brut...

sharon at domaine chandongleeeeeeeful
sharon pakir at domaine chandon"happiness is the wine of life..."

Happy happy girls - a day of catchups in a gorgeous setting, with tastebud happiness!

girls at winery

More frolicking before we had to depart...

anita and orenawwwww!
us at domaine chandontrying to leap. you can't tell we're dancers. *shame*

A perfect day, with perfect company, in a perfect setting. Domaine Chandon, you will forever be my happy place!