christmas cheer & happy things

Merry Christmas everyone! Did you have a good one? I sure did - and it was possibly the best Christmas I have ever had. I will be blogging all about it, about how this year's Christmas has led me to understand why it's such a special season like never before. For now though... just some things that have made me very happy indeed this last week:

1. Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor

Finally finding the exact food processor I wanted, after months of looking. It felt naughty sneaking this purchase in whilst Christmas shopping, but it had been elusive for SO long, and there it was smiling at me. I used it to make Christmas cooking a snap, and all guilt vanished.

cuisinart mini prep food processor

2. Hand delivered roses

S's mum rather gorgeously delivered these to me herself on Christmas Eve - for no reason other than "I thought it'd be nice for you to have them"! Incredibly touching and just a testament to how lucky I am to have been welcomed so warmly into his wonderful family.

dozen red roses delivered

3. Momentos of love

I was utterly spoilt this Christmas by friends and family in so many ways, but 2 things stood out for me (besides of course all the lovely cards that still make me tear up when I re-read them). S bought me a gorgeous Pandora bracelet and some charms, and Maria got me an uber cool Louis Vuitton leather bracelet too. I was stumped by their generosity and also, great taste!! These now sit daily on my wrist alongside the divine Bvlgari bracelet my mummy got me in Italy. 3 things on my arm that I can fiddle with absentmindedly and remind me every day how lucky, blessed, and loved I am. Aww.

Bvlgari bracelet, Pandora bracelet, Louis Vuitton bracelet

4. Family love

Every year, I get my sister to write all my important dates and plans in my new diary for the upcoming new year. Why? Simple - I love her handwriting and it's a daily reminder of her! This year was no different - I whinged and moaned on my November trip home rather magnificently, until she caved and filled it out for me. I was very pleased, until yesterday, when I perused January's dates and saw this below. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. For now it makes me giggle. (quietly muttering under breath though).

little sisters rock

5. Learning new skills

This one doesn't have a photo illustration but I'll blog about it very soon. Suffice to say, I've learnt some incredible skills in this last two weeks and have gone from prissy princess to tough DIY chick. At least, in my brain. Humour me for now.

So there we go, some happy things this happy season. Hope you all had a great one, and a wonderful new years!