Recently we hosted S's family here for dinner, the first time I've done a proper sit down dinner at our place and had the dining table actually filled. S's mum cooked the bulk of the meal, and all I had to do was the roast vegetables! Spoilt! What quickly became glaringly obvious though, is that 8 years of apartment living and "buffet" style entertaining have left me with plenty of cooking tools but sightly inadequate in the face of proper servingware for dinner parties.

The thing is, all the missing things weren't necessities, nor things you'd actively think to buy. They were nice-to-haves, all little items that you only feel the absence of in the face of needing-them-right-now moments. I've compiled a little list so that the next time S and I go shawping, we can grab and go as we find the perfect little objects (we like to entertain!). I want things with little gold accents on them to suit the dining room - injecting a little bit of glamour with the mundane! :)

1. Gravy boat

2. Cake cutting knife for birthday cakes

3. Olive oil/balsamic drizzling bottle for salads/breads

4. Butter dish

5. Ice bucket & tongs

6. Spare dining table seats that aren't white & foldable!

7. Enough placemats for the whole dining table *shame*

8. Bread side-plates that fit on the table *more shame*