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Well, I've always been a product (ahem, maybe I mean shopping) junkie, and I usually research things thoroughly before buying. Unless it's clothes and shoes, in which case I'm an AWFULLY impulsive buyer! *looks away*... I've recently gone on a spending ban for myself (more about that later) but find that friends frequently ask me what gadgets, products, and general stuff I like - they know it's researched and if I recommend it, probably works well.

Now though, I've made a little "Sharon's Recommended" store on Amazon - filled with products I personally endorse through my personal use of them. If I haven't used them, but have researched and covet it, it'll say so in my description. If you're looking for Christmas gifts, or simply after a treat for yourself, or want some great beauty recommendations, simply peruse by clicking around!

Have fun shopping!

Sharon's Amazon Store