10 things:

Some things I'm really looking forward to this last month of the year, inspired by this lovely post by Arianna. I can't say the word "December" properly, and my friends tease me ENDLESSLY (I say "deee-zem-berrr" but Aussies say "dih-sem-ba"). One of the things I'm excited about is not having to say "December" but instead saying, "THIS MONTH", and avoiding the ribbing. So here goes, the additional 10 things I'm looking forward to THIS MONTH. 1. Christmas Lunch

I haven't cooked a proper Christmas meal in a few years, and this year we're hosting S's family at our new home! A ham, lamb roast, a slow cooked pork shoulder, lots of salads, some roast vegetables, and of course plenty of dessert is what's on the menu so far. I can't wait for an afternoon of chats, laughter, and merriment over a meal and celebrating the season's tidings.

2. Crazy Dance Training

The studio slows down over Deezember, but our team's training ramps right up to be ready for the Sydney Salsa Congress in January. It's my favourite time of year with intense sessions, watching with pride as my crew improve in leaps and bounds, and the natural bonding that ensues as we spend most evenings together. 'Tis the season to dance!

Spin City Dance at Sydney Salsa Congress 2010. Photo by JCPHOTOGRAPHY

3. Warm, Balmy Weather

Melbourne has the best summers, with azure skies and nary a cloud in sight, and now we have the perfect home to welcome the warm weather and sunshine. I can't wait to host more summer entertaining on our deck, surrounded by lush greenery, with wine, good food, great friends, and happiness.

4. Wearing High Heels

I've been injured for a total of 4.5 months now, and truth be told, I'm a bit weary from it all. One of the thoughts that has kept me going has been wearing high heels again, and feeling womanly along with it. I know heels aren't paramount to prettiness, but let me tell you, when a lady has spent weeks on end in bed, has hardly left the house and dressing up for a regular day has become a novelty, the concept of feeling glamorous is a far dream. Heeeeeeeels. Ahhhh.

5. Taking Stock; Planning Forward

2011 is already set to look busy, with a few traveling engagements and some dreams and plans for my consulting work. At the end of each year I like to take stock of all I've done in the year past, and then set some goals for the year to come. I don't like calling them "resolutions", but just simple goals, or achievements. Since 2010 has been full of events and life changes but highly underachieving due to above injury, I have high hopes for 2011. This planning exercise is highly therapeutic and often satisfying.

6. Building My Capability

The work I do involves capability development in people, teams & organisations, because it's what I'm passionate about. I also like to apply those theories to myself. Making constant, small, incremental improvements in your life can alter dramatically the circumstances of your being, the levels of the pride and joy you take in living your personal journey, as well as encourages life long learning. I am excited about learning more as the year wraps up - only 30 days left for 2010 to delight in the newness of each day!

7. Blogging Authentically

I always blog honestly, but of late, due to my low spirits, I probably have skimmed some of the more serious details and tried to keep things over here light and happy. I do have a couple of difficult posts to write, and am crafting them slowly, and am actually looking forward to showing a true insight into a few things I've been through. The last couple of months have also taught me a lot about my strength in the face of adversity regarding my online presence, and I think I'm ready to tackle these topics.

8. Planning a Roadtrip

S and I will be taking a little getaway soon - nowhere too far, and just for a couple of days, but a much needed romantic time. We haven't chosen where yet, and are supremely excited about exploring a new part of Victoria together whilst creating more amazing memories together. Plus, it'll be summer so I'll get to do some real chilling out. It'll be incredible to feel free, even for just 2 days.

Sharon Pakir in Bali 2010

9. Silly Season Events

The end of the year brings along Christmas parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, catchups with old friends, lots of food and good drinks (mmm). It's generally both festive and a time to be loving, show your care for the people around you and have a  great time! Having been a hermit for the last few months, I'm pretty excited about the silly season!

10. Falling in Love

Well, this is my everyday-all-year-round thing I look forward to - falling in love more and more with S as we traverse this crazy life we lead. It's because of him that I have learnt to love life more and more, and it's every day of this very life that I look at him and realise how lucky I am. This will be our first full December together since we started dating (the last I was in Singapore), and I am mucho excited!

What are you excited about for Dee-zember?