a thoughtful hotel...

... is one that provides guests with a great toiletry kit. In fact, once you pay above a certain price range, all 5 star hotels will come with the standard comfortable bed, plush room surroundings and available amenities that make you not want to leave. The toiletry kit, I find, is what I go looking at to see how well this hotel has thought about its guests. From giving you a luxury kit from a skincare brand, or an organic range, or simply its contents, they can range quite drastically, and I like to think I've seen them all! The Shangri-La in Singapore, however, pleased me mightily with its offering, and not because it was particularly spectacular, but because it was so utterly thoughtful towards its female guests:

Shangri-La Singapore Toiletry Kit

So simple, so effective, and so memorable. And sooooo flattering for the female guests - most hotels tend to focus on the male business traveller - so this was very nice indeed.