da phat lady

S and I have been enjoying collecting art on our travels together - as a souvenir of our time away and also in anticipation of moving in together and enjoying it all! Now that the house is 80% finished (victory whoop!), we felt it was time to put up all our art. billy bookcase next to chinese art

Mounting large pieces of art is not easy. There's all the measuring, the holding the frame straight because you can't find your spirit level, the deciding where things go, the pencil marks everywhere on your freshly painted walls, the symmetry of where everything goes. Then there's making sure the hooks are being nailed in exactly where you wanted it, and then eyeballing the hung work to make sure it's straight. We haven't even gotten started on the muttering under the breath whilst trying to hold 10 things whilst perched on a ladder, and snapping at each other to get it right. Yes, we are a loving household!

By far, one of our favourite paintings EVER is what we call The Phat Lady.

fat opium smoking lady

Resplendent in her glory, smoking opium, just incredibly, comfortable, sexy and devoid of any care. We adore her. And yet... we struggled to find a spot for her. Her colours didn't match our lounge/dining rooms, and she was just too good to hide away in a room.

Finally though, something clicked. We found a spot that was both viewable from downstairs and yet not clashing with the colours. Hanging the Phat Lady there suddenly seemed an obvious choice - creating drama and suspense about what upstairs is all about.

chinese art on stairs

Plus, this way we get to gaze at her every day as we traverse the floors of our home. Do you love her as much as we do?